A little different, a lot better.
Don't do it the easy way, when there's a right way. Thats one of the guiding principles behind Loxley and Leaf, and when we set out to start making our line of soy wax scented candles, we knew we wanted to do things a little differently. Most of the candles you buy at the big box store, or from the famous makers out there...well...they aren't good. They're made with toxic chemicals, in the forms of parafin wax and fragrance oils, and dies that turn into carcinogens when burned. All sorts of nastiness, that we frankly don't want in our homes, and that we don't feel comfortable selling to you. We don't want to scare you, and you probably won't get cancer from burning candles, but there is a right way to do it.
So what's right about the way we make our candles? Well, we start with all natural soy wax. When soy wax burns it's perfectly harmless, and is a renewable resource. Next, we avoid dies. If our candles have colors, they're made by the wax, or the fragrances we use. But you said fragrances were toxic...Well, yeah I did, but we replaced toxic fragrance oils with all natural essential oils. They've got proven benefits for aroma therapy, and are safe and natural to breathe in. They're not overpowering or harsh like fragrance oils, and they fill your home with gorgeous natural aromas. They never smell like overly sweet gross christmas tree's or fake cookies that actually just smell like burning, and thats our favorite part.
To start we've created three scents which we think you'll really enjoy!
Lemon Eucalyptus candle is a gentle mix, perfect for homes with respiratory ailments. Both lemon and eucalyptus essential oils help to clear nasal passages and sinuses, and rejuvenate energy; adding a bright fresh scent to any room.
Our Tea Tree scent is reminiscent of your favorite hair care products. Gently stimulating, tea tree oil boosts immunity and acts as a shield against many different types of infections.
Colored naturally, by pink grapefruit oil; Grapefruit Lavender throws a beautiful bouquet. Relaxing, gentle, and bright.


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