Makers Gonna Make: An Interview With Salem Style

We sat down this week with our good friend Lianna from Salem Style to talk about our businesses, collaborating together and things that make us smile. We'll be eternally grateful to Lianna for being our first featured maker at Loxley and Leaf, her willingness to take a chance and help us out gave us the oomph we needed to launch, and her constant support and kindness is more than we could ever ask for.

Be sure to get stocked up for winter with awesome chunky crochet goods at or find your new yoga tank on the Salem Style Etsy Page.

Tell Us A Little Bit About Salem Style

Salem Style is a passion project that turned into a business. It all started because I wanted to make a hat for my boyfriend as a holiday gift. Then I made a hat for myself. Then I made a hat for everyone I know. And finally one day, someone asked me where they could buy one of my hats. This was something that never occurred to me. I opened the etsy shop in December of 2011 so then I could make a hat for anyone in the world.

Behind the scenes at Salem Style

You were our first featured maker on Loxley and Leaf, can you talk a little about the process, your thoughts on what we’re doing and why you chose to support nAGLY?

I immediately wanted to jump on board when we discussed the concept. I had often thought about how to give back through every sale, but was not sure where to start. There are so many wonderful causes out there that serve amazing communities. I wanted to support a great organization that makes an impact at a local level. nAGLY has created and nurtured a safe space and community support for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and queer. This supportive group helps those who might feel alone or isolated otherwise. Because seriously, being a teenager is tough enough on its own.


You started with Crochet projects and recently branched out into some really popular apparel! Any thoughts on what you’ll work on next?

Oh there are some ideas that keep floating around. The main priority is to stock up for winter. After that, expand the apparel line with printed items, as well as crochet apparel.

WE LOVE that you incorporate the city you're from in your brand. What does the connection to Salem mean to you?

I never really felt that “hometown pride” that most of my friends demonstrated when I went away to college. When I really started to feel a connection was when I moved into an apartment by myself in Salem. It was like planting roots and starting over somewhere new. Salem is where I feel that I actually "grew up" on my own and developed into the person I am today. Even if I move out of Salem, it will always be Salem Style, because it's about the inspiration and freedom I found in Salem.

You recently got engaged! Congrats! how’s the wedding planning coming? any makers you're planning to feature on the big day?

Thank you!! Wedding planning is slowly but surely coming along. With a 9-5 job, grad school at night, and Salem Style, things are very busy! I definitely want to incorporate other makers into the wedding. I have been searching and searching on Etsy for some great finds. So far I have ordered form SoireeCustomPaperCo for some amazing cards.

Yeah, I remember being there! Its a little crazy! What are you doing to relax?

Crocheting! Honestly, even though it’s “work”. I love just being able to sit down with my yarn and hook. But sometimes I don’t even feel like doing that, so when I can I try and take a great yoga class.

I know the winter season is your biggest time of the year for sales. Any big plans for winter 2017-18?

Mostly local events. It’s still a little too early to know exactly which ones, but I plan on doing at least 4 different markets or pop ups. And rushing like crazy to get orders out for the holidays! And if that’s not enough, I want to do another winter photo shoot at some point.

Who/What’s your favorite…

Maker Right Now - smallglow
Color – Mint Green
Ice Cream – Cookies n’ Cream
Salem Past Time – Cider tasting at Far From The Tree
Holiday - Thanksgiving
Junk Food? – salt and vinegar potato chips!


If you could introduce Salem Style to people with just one of your products, what would it be?

    I would give someone one of my pompom hats. Everyone always mentions how much they love the pompom hats because they are so chunky and soft. 

    Chunky Pom Pom Hat



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