Designer Dwellings
Scene Opens: Winter 2016, bleak cold and alone. A trusted wooden cutting board has accidentally been placed in the dishwasher, only to come out...
Less than whole.
Really though, when we cracked a very nice cutting board this winter (a wedding present my wife would like me to point out), I took to etsy to see what I could find to replace our trusted board. 
Enter Designer Dwellings. 
We ordered a gorgeous painted cutting board from Designer Dwellings, and about two weeks later got in touch with Alonda to see if she'd like to work with us in developing a set of products for Loxley and Leaf. Since you're reading this, she obviously said yes!
Alonda Baird-Juhasz, hue-savvy designer and owner of Designer Dwellings, believes in adding color to life. Each piece is hand painted, sealed and conditioned for durability and shine with an emphasis on the sustainability of bamboo. Designer Dwellings’ items are versatile from kitchen prep to table serve ware. Using bold hues and modern, clean lines everyday items are elevated into stylish yet functional decor adding pops of color in unexpected ways. Designer Dwellings has been featured in Coastal Living Magazine, Refinery 29 and Connecticut Magazine. When not in her Stratford, Connecticut based studio you can find her on set prop styling for photo shoots or on a road trip adventure with her husband.
When we talked about charitable causes that we'd like to support, we talked about supporting human rights, or the ACLU of Connecticut. Eventually though we decided that supporting the citizens of Connecticut (where we both call home), was really important, and decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Designer Dwellings product on to the West End Farmers Market, promoting equal rights through food accessibility. The market is a Hartford institution that doubles the value of food stamps/snap/ebt vouchers being used at the market providing greater access to those in need.


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