We didn’t want to write this post. But it seems as though, the bedrock of women’s rights in this country is under attack. Not only that, but it seems less and less that the right cares about the act of abortion, and more that they simply want to punish women for having sex. They do not care for the child that is born due to the unavailability of safe abortion, and care more that a mother struggles after giving birth, as some sort of diluted punishment for the act of having sex to begin with.

We’re horrified, hurt and betrayed by the government officials of the United States. But let us be clear:


Safe access to reproductive rights, was something that until very recently many of us thought was here to stay, but with recent bills in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri we’ve made the decision that until further notice we’ll splitting donations of a small portion of every sale between the Yellowhammer Fund, which provides funding for anyone seeking care at one of Alabama’s three abortion clinics and will help with other barriers to access (travel, lodging, etc.), and the ACLU which will continue the fight for Womens reproductive rights nation wide.

We choose to stand with the disenfranchised in their fight for their rights.

Note: If you are a women in an affected state, in need of support, or safe access to abortion, please contact us. We can provide judgement free lodging and care while you seek the medical procedures you need.

Stay safe, stay strong, support women.


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